Netelligence Client

My new platform is currently in the final few months of development before the first ready-to-use release! By version number, it is currently at version 0.25. As we approach the released application, odd-number point releases are feature improvements, while even-number point releases are bug fixes, performance, and security improvements. The latest build video is as follows. Previous builds can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Latest fixes / changes:

  • Brand new tab system (still in progress) with icons in tabs, can drag tabs into new order
  • Settings allows you to put tabs right at top of screen rather than in area below
  • Double click a tab to open it full screen; escape to leave (Not on browser windows currently)
  • Added the start-point of a file manager (but doesn't really do anything yet!)
  • Share tabs by right clicking on them rather than the "share" icon on the screen
  • When browser window loading, address bar glows green (so you know what it's doing!)
  • Browser can now download files (but still iffy!)
  • Can now search google directly from address bar by typing "g" then your query
  • Bing is "b (search)", Imdb is "i (search)" - type "list commands" in address bar to see full list!

The milestone releases are as follows:-

Version 0.10 - Alpha Baseline Build

While not yet feature complete for the final version of the system, this version is the first alpha build that is usable and can actually be used.

  • Updating Engine:-
    • Automatic updates from the web
  • Network Integration:-
    • Connects to a mesh network on a LAN
    • Login to a global network
    • Connect to people in your groups
    • View your network details (IPv4, v6, etc)
    • See the local Mesh network computer names
    • See the user names on the local mesh network (Replaced with real names if they are logged in)
  • Internal Pipelines:-
    • Tab windows can communicate with each other
    • Tab windows can open other tab windows into the same project group automatically
  • Application Bar:-
    • Use settings to set it's location on top or bottom
    • Show current network status
    • Access to the applications menu
  • Applications:-
    • New applications from the Application Bar open in Tabbed Windows with the Title "New Project X (Double click to change name)" where X is the window number
    • New applications can be opened from the tabs by clicking the "+" icon
      • Left click opens a new application of the same type as the previously added application window to the project
      • Right click brings up the applications menu to select which application you would like to add as a tab
    • You can duplicate a tab
    • Pin a tab to the right of the screen (so can have two windows side by side)
    • Tab from another person gives their name alongside the tab name and is in a different colour
    • Close a tab (Asked "Are you sure? This tab will be deleted!") when closing
    • Able to move an application tab from one project window to another
    • Able to move an application tab from one person to another:-
      • Via the machine name on the local LAN mesh network
      • Via the user / person name on the local LAN mesh network
      • Via the person name / Netelligence login via their group in the global network
    • Save a project locally:-
      • On click close on a project that is not currently saved - do you wish to save? Y / N / Cancel - Click Yes, confirm the name of the project to save it under, if there is already a project with the same name you are warned that this is allowed but will be more difficult to work out which is which!
      • On click close on a project that has been updated since last saved - do you wish to save changes? Y / N / Cancel - If yes, saves over the original project, if no, ask "Delete saved project? Y / N" - If yes, delete the project file, if no, then stays saved but your changes aren't updated
    • Load a local project
      • On applications menu - "Saved Projects" -> Project name (date last updated) - click to open this project window
      • If already open, warn this will revert, then if yes wipe the current and open the new
  • Settings Form:-
    • Set bar to be at the top or bottom of the screen
    • Set the application to start / not start with windows
    • Set to automatically close project windows when empty
  • First Basic Applications in an unfinished state:-
    • Web Browser
      • Chrome based, standard browsing with full cache and URL autocomplete
    • Text Editor
      • Can save and load text files, change the size of the text in the editor window
    • GUID Generator
      • Literally just generates a GUID
    • HTML Editor
      • Live HTML editor where you can build a webpage and see it reflected live in a browser window alongside it
    • File Transfer
      • Very buggy, but allows sending files across the network

Version 0.20 - Fixing known issues with 0.1

  • Windows "jitter" when selected
  • Tabs from other people wrong colour when first come through
  • Back button on the Web Browser!
  • Smaller "Close" Icon added to the Control Bar Menu, looks clearer
  • Loading the tabs into the project window takes time and loading is visible - load off screen then show?
  • Files transferred/opened in text or HTML show up selected - unselect
  • Empty Tab Windows still load up on startup even if they shouldn't
  • When Pin and unpin, two windows are selected - the previously pinned right tab and the left tab
  • Names on tabs when sent through only Windows usernames - need to also show Netelligence name
  • Update list of "My computers" on a regular basis (say every 30 seconds) not just on startup
  • If login to Netelligence in browser on client rather than login screen, doesn't connect properly and session set to a web session

Version 0.30 - Improvements to the Update Engine and General Applications

  • Allow the client to update the updater(!)
  • In settings, say whether you want the installer splash screen to stay on when updating or hide.
  • In settings, can rebuild application by wiping folder and re-downloading all latest version files (requires 24/7 double folder)
  • In settings, set "Maximise" to have one step (Windows standard) or two step (Fill screen on second click)
  • Move to encrypted update file list rather than plain text, MD5 hashing of downloaded files
  • Separate out the updates to Client and Applications rather than a single update file
  • Allow the update system to run commands as well - eg delete files, run temporary applications
  • Updater will know if update not succeeded and can warn user.
  • Change in the folder structure so that updates run while program still running - based on 24/7 environment, all new users redirected to updated folder until nobody on old system, that folder then deleted. In this way, can updated a shared install, and load up quicker when installing too.
  • If updated version in a different folder ready to go, alert on app bar to say click to update - instant shut down and run updated version instead
  • Applications Registered on global web server along with their GUID; can be background downloaded if free and not on current system
  • CefSharp not shutting down properly
Web browser:-
  • Allow opening in another tab
  • Back and forward buttons
  • View history / visual history
  • Favourites
Editor Web Browser:-
  • Put through HTML code rather than a url
  • The controls from HTML Editor (resize etc)
Text editor:-
  • Change tab title (file name if attached, user selected otherwise)
  • Print option
GUID Generator:-
  • How to create an application for Netelligence Platform
HTML Editor:-
  • Colour coded editor window (possibly scintilla?)
  • Multiple files / virtual directory system
  • Runs virtual IIS so can link files into the page
  • Preview window now a separate tab but can have right-pin of one window so can view both at same time

Version 0.40

  • Will include Bug fixes, Performance Improvements and Security Issues
  • Analysis of any Colour-issues if someone is colourblind utilising an emulator of the different forms
  • Tab creation off screen to hopefully improve performance
  • Chromium delay-loading if lots of tabs?

Version 0.50 - Integrating Netelligence Web and Organisation-Level Network Control

  • Online policy control for organisations
  • Can set machines, rooms etc
  • Change Interface to include which Netelligence Types an Application Supports, and which file types
  • Change the storage of the Window online so content is stored as a Netelligence Node as a child of Window
  • On the Web, allow viewing of any online data stored from the client
  • Create "Online" Tabs, coloured green, which are constantly updating on all machines as an edit is made (Suggestion for now - only edit on one machine at a time!)

Version 0.60

  • Will include Bug fixes, Performance Improvements and Security Issues

Version 0.70 - Networking Work

  • Send a copy of the window rather than losing it off from the screen
  • Able to send the window to every person within a group on the global network / Room in Organisation
  • Synchronise the saved "project" files to all computers logged into
  • Send To -> My Computer -> Next Log in to: So when you next log into a computer that tab will be received
  • Share entire project, not just currently selected tab
  • Remote logout of all computers
  • When new tabs / projects are sent, see as an alert on application bar rather than open the window instantly
  • Application Store of software packages to download; Synced across your local machines where policies allow
  • Tab Exploded View - All tabs left-docked to each other in tab order across page, user sets width in settings, so can scroll across all tabs (great for super-wide monitors)
  • Colour coding all of the people in groups Green if online, Orange if been online in last 24 hours, Red if Offline
  • Give option of sending an email to someone offline if you send them something from group share
  • The commands and web application code?

Version 0.80 - Beta 1

  • Will include Bug fixes, Performance Improvements and Security Issues

Version 0.90 - Beta 2

  • Tab previews - as hover mouse over a tab, show the tab as a preview image
  • Tab finder - shows all open projects along bottom of screen in preview, as hover over them shows exploded view of all tabs so can click to go to it (Bit like desktop / finder view in Windows and Mac)
  • Chat system - to allow efficient group and individual communication!

Version 1.0 - Feature Complete release

  • Will include Bug fixes, Performance Improvements and Security Issues

Previous Version Videos

Version 0.18 (Practically 0.2)

Version 0.1

Prototype Version